Toy of the Moment – 9 Month Baby

Toy of the Moment – 9 Month Baby

Irish is my first language and having grown up speaking Irish both at home and in school, I was excited to teach Irish to my own baby when the time came.

I bought an Irish language talking bear when my baby was only 1 month old, because submersion is so important when learning a language.

Bábóg Baby or BB is a cuddly talking teddy bear suitable for babies 6 month and up. I saw it originally when it came out years ago, so it was one of the first things I wanted to buy for my baby.

It has 33 words in total for your baby to learn in Irish. Buttons on the bear can be pressed to hear the words. It has 3 catagories: Shapes (cruthanna), Numbers (uimhreacha) and Colours (dathanna).

Once your baby has mastered the pincher grab reflex they will be able to press the buttons by themselves.

The bears voice is really sweet, sounding like a 4 year old boy with very clear and audible Irish, though the words brown (donn) and rectangle (dronalóg) sound regretful which is quite funny.

When my baby presses and hears the words he squels with excitement and he has started to recognise some firmiliar ones that he would hear from me like the numbers, colours and of course the star shape from the nights sky.

For our Welsh and Scottish cousins they do the Teddy in Welsh and Scots Gaelic which is incredibly unique.

BB is the first Irish language toy created and they have recently created an App for download in the Apple Store called BB App.

Where to Buy

Buy directly from the BB website here.

Buy from An Siopa Leabhar, The Art and Hobby Shop, Arnotts and ToyMaster.

The price is €29.99 instore or €39.99 with courier postage fee.

Enjoy submersing your baby in the Irish language in a fun and interactive way!