Toy of the Moment – 7 Month Baby

Toy of the Moment – 7 Month Baby

My First Phone by Plan Toys is a sweet little wooden phone. It is suitable from 12 months but my baby is very happy playing with this phone at 7 months old.

It has a colour beaded style key pad which feels bouncy when pressed like there is a soft sponge beneath each beaded button. The key pad focuses on dexterity.

There is a magnified screen for your baby to explore object range. This helps to develop baby’s cognitive skills.

The other side of the phone is coloured moss green with small indentations, which replicate a speaker in a normal phone.

It comes with a small polkadot strap so baby can put hand through or loop on wrist.

It is made from sustainably sourced wood and is eco-friendly with water based dyes and non-formaldahyde glues used.

The phone itself feels smooth, though it is wooden. From a sensory perspective the indentations of the speaker and the soft key pad buttons feel nice and interesting to touch. There are no hard edges on the phone, all corners are rounded.

I think my favourite thing about this toy is that there are no batteries, no noise or promps, and no plastic. It leaves the baby to create its own imagination with their own noises or conversations.

The maginified screen is also a wonderful touch for imagination and discovery in the garden, the house or in the car seat!

Where to buy

If you are in Dublin you can get this from Designist on George’s Street and from their online store here

Online stores from:


If you like PlanToys and are based in Ireland, Designist have a good range, as do Toys and Games and Kidly online.