Toy of the Moment – 5 Month Baby

Toy of the Moment – 5 Month Baby


Well at 5 months old now my baby is just on the precipice of crawling. So naturally any toy that can assist in that leap is most welcome in our house.

I came across this Fisher Price “Watermates Duck Ball” on a weekend away with the baby in Co. Antrim last month, and at around 8 Euro they are a bargain, and such a find.


The toy entices your baby to chase it, so perfect for tummy time or encouraging crawling. Rolling over also happens naturally when playing with this ball- so make sure you baby is on a surface that wont hurt their head if they roll over quickly!


The plastic ball contains some water with a duck swimming inside, with some coloured confetti type pieces. The duck has air within it, so it floats upright all the time, which helps interact and engage with your baby.


It comes in 4 designs, we have the sailor one, which my baby loves.

The round design also teaches your baby to hold round objects. Up to this point my baby only had the opportunity to hold his teether, books and some soft toys. So this requires extra concentration and will develop their fine motor skills.


I see the toy is widely available, try ToyMaster and Amazon so hopefully you will get the best deal.


I hope your baby enjoys this toy if they already have it? Or if you get it let me know how they get on!