Toy of the Moment – 12 Month Baby

Toy of the Moment – 12 Month Baby

For my little one’s first birthday, I was searching for a toy with some sort of wheel as the focal point. My 1 year old loves wheels and every since he could use his pincher reflex at 3 months old, he would play with the wheels on the walker, tricycle or even my ab roll out wheel!

When I came across this Wooden Ferris Wheel with a leaver I knew it was exactly what I’d been searching for.

Petit collage do toys well. I mean looks at how beautiful the wheel and characters are. The beach wood is soft and light. The colours of the wheel, the polka dots and characters are just stunning.

The wheel has 3 carriages (all numbered for learning) with 3 little wooden characters that fit inside each carriage.

Petite Collage Wooden Ferris Wheel

The Ferris Wheel also contains an abacus so you can count the ticket rides with your little one or just let them have fun with the beads in their own creative way.

The toy is recommended for age 3+, but this toy perfectly suited my 1 year old. He mastered how to turn the leaver to move the wheel is a week or two.

My 1 year old with his birthday gift

This is a stunning toy, that will probably end up being a favourite toy. It also looks beautiful in his play library.

This eco toy is made from beachwood and water based non toxic paints.

You can find it here on Amazon worldwide or here from Kidly in Ireland.