The Best Irish Language Cartoons for learning Irish

The Best Irish Language Cartoons for learning Irish

The Irish language, as part of our Irish culture is a huge part of my life. Some words have slipped into the English language from Irish, such as Bróg (shoe)/ brogue style shoe, and Craic (fun), go leor (plenty)/ bargains galore.

Bringing your child up through Irish has never been easier now, with such a huge range of Irish Language Cartoons and shows on the television, Ipads, phones etc! You will easily find picture cards in Irish in many book shops and even Monopoly is now available in Irish.

TG4 have done an amazing job at dubbing the most popular children’s cartoons in Irish for your children to enjoy and engage in.

Some cartoons however, are extremely fast paced, so dubbing these cartoons can be difficult and result in dubbed Irish that is not always audible. Our language does take twice as long to say as english does, but sure that’s why we love it!

I have put together a list of Irish Language Cartoons which I have found to be very clear, have beautiful regional Irish and are enjoyable.

  1. Woozle & Pip – TG4, LMDÓC Directed by MacDara Ó Curraidhín

This is our number 1 Irish language cartoon for so many reasons. The Irish is pure Kerry Irish, and is the most audible, crisp Irish I have ever heard. You can hear every séamhú and it is nice and slow. The show centres around a group of animals in a magic garden (an gháirdín draíochta), with two main characters, Woozle and Pip, both cute little dogs who are best friends. It follows their imagination and lessons they learn in each episode are very relevant and easy for children to relate to.

Our toddler is such a fan that we had to get him a Woozle teddy on Amazon!

Watch it here on TG4:

2. Zou – TG4, Directed by Glór Media Sound Source

A cartoon series based on a series of award winning books by Michael Gay. It follows the daily life of Zou, a child zebra who lives in a busy household containing all his family, including his grandparents. Zou is such a sweet child and spends his time trying to find ways to make his grandparents’ life easier for them. Such a lovely message in a cartoon, to look after our elders. The Irish is wonderfully dubbed, with different accents for the various ages of the children, all clearly audible.

Watch it here on TG4:

3. Bubu agus na hUlcabháin bheaga – TG4, Directed by Telegael

This cartoon is based on a family of owls, including a baby owl who still has half her shell on (very cute). It focuses on the three child owls exploring their habitat and at the end of the day checking back in with the parents and telling them whom they met and what they learned. They usually sing two songs in each episode and the mother owl has a wonderful singing voice. Their first episode featured a “good night” song, which was so good I recorded and played for my toddler when he was having his naps. The Irish is very audible and clear, even the baby owl is easy to understand in her high pitched voice.

Watch it here on TG4:

4. Dónall Dána – TG4 LMDÓC Directed by MacDara Ó Curraidhín

A funny cartoon which centres around the daily life of Dónall, a cheeky child who seems to give out a lot! His teachers are not too fond of him and he is not very fond of them either. He spends most his time getting up to no good and getting away with it! The Irish is, like Woozle and Pip, very precise, audible and most importantly learnable!

Watch it here on TG4:

5. Angelo Rules – TG4 Directed by Macalla

This cartoon reminds me of Tim Burton’s Coraline, the animation is amazing and the characters have huge eyes that really engage with you. It is based around an eleven year old boy named Angelo and the conundrums he gets into. The Irish is Dublin Irish, well audible and clear. The cartoon usually has a lesson embedded in it that is easy to understand.

Watch it here on TG4:

Special Mention – An Aimsir (the weather)

Though not a cartoon as such, but a short animated weather forecast. It is voiced by a group of children who shout out the weather in unison. It puts the Irish words on the screen so lots to learn and listen to.

Catch it in the mornings in between cartoons on TG4.

Now that is our favourites list, TG4 add tones of new cartoons each season, so it is always changing. They have recently added kazoops, and have very popular cartoons such as PJ Masks, Elmo and The Furchester Hotel.

Cúla4 have just launched their own App in the Google Play Store and iTunes. Now your children can enjoy learning Irish on tablet/ ipad/ smart phones.

Competition Time!!!

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Go n-éirí libh / good luck!