Nipple Creams – Breast Feeding Support

Nipple Creams – Breast Feeding Support


So you are trying or would like to try breastfeeding your baba?

Nipple Creams are essential for successful breastfeeding. My advice would be stock up before baby comes, so you do not end up with cracked nipples, browsing the internet in tears in search of some next day delivery cream!

When I was breastfeeding I unfortunately was not prepared for the cracking at all and had to stop feeding for 2 weeks to allow them to heal.

Cracked nipples can happen no matter how much water you drink. It depends on many things, a major factor being your baby’s latch on your nipple. My baby’s latch was very strong and sore, no matter how many times I re-applied his position his hold was like a bear’s! It was too late when I realised I had cracked nipples (as they were bleeding), so try and prepare as best you can ladies.

Here are the best Nipple Creams I tried:


MooGoo Mudder Udder Balm


This cream has a neutral smell, and is lanolin and preservative free.

Lanolin is made from sheep’s wool Oils, specifically it derives from the fatty sebaceous glands of sheep.. ie Wool Fat!. Instead of Lanolin, Moogoo wanted to include edible oils in this product; such as Sunflower Seed Oil and  Jojoba Oil. Jojoba is a delicious oil on the skin, as it is very moisturising but it does not clog pores. This is where this cream excels, the last thing you want to do is clog up those milk ducts with silicone creams. You want your ducts to replenish and breathe. This cream also contains honey which is a natural antibacterial agent, just what you need to avoid the next stage of cracked nipples … mastitis (very sore indeed)!

They currently retail this at EUR11.50 on their site. It is also available in good pharmacies.


Napiers Organic Calendula Nipple Ointment

This ointment smells amazing. It is a small tin that fits in your purse, or nappy bag.

There are no preservatives so you will need to let the ointment heat up on your skin first.

It is less moisturiser, more like a balm. I found this one handy on the go. Best applied after every feed to replenish the skin. It is so natural it contains only 4 ingredients, Vitamin E, Calendula Oil, Sunflower Oil and Bees Wax.


Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream

This cream was recommended by my midwife, and it really helped heal the blistering.

It is expensive at EUR15-20 but it will help heal so much, and coat the soreness.

It contains lanolin (sheep wool fat oil) so you may not wish to use if you are a vegan/ vegetarian/ pescatarian. The cream has no smell or taste and you can leave on for breastfeeding. It also doubles as nappy cream, or cooling balm for itchy stretch marks. Boots usually do 3 for 2, and also don’t forget their parenting club as sometimes they offer triple points and discounts!

Breast Milk

When my midwife saw the poor condition of my cracked nipples she showed me that you can just squeeze out some milk and apply it all around the nipple. Breast Milk is not only amazing for your baby, but you can apply it on cuts and dry skin as it contains natural anti-bacterial agents – a powerhouse of healing. I had a small area on my hand post pregnancy with dermatitis, i used to apply some breast milk on it and it healed within a day or so, even though I had been putting cream on it for weeks.


Multi-Mam Multi-Mam Compress Pads

Life Saver

When I had to take 2 weeks to heal my nipples my midwife recommended lanolin gel pads.

I remember when I first put them on it was such a relief, like putting ice on sunburn. They are expensive, but i cut each pad in half as they are very big, and it covered my nipple perfectly. You leave them on for 1 hour inside your bra for support. Invest in these, it is so worth it, and pop them in the fridge for extra cooling. Try , an Irish site as they always do specials, 3 for 2 options.


Just remember your baby will likely ingest any cream you have on or around your nipple. So take care to avoid essential oils, fragrances and any chemicals in other creams you may have put on.

Nipple Shields are another game changer, you can get silicone versions that are so delicate you would not know they were there. NUK to great ones here.

For those of you that may have cracked nipples right now, I understand what you are going through, they will heal, you just need to take a break, get some organic formula for a few days. It is better your baby has a healthy, happy mama than a stressed, teary , sore bear.