Natural Sleep Supports for Babies

Natural Sleep Supports for Babies

Badger Company Sleep Balm

A gentle balm that you rub onto your baby’s chest, wrists, ankles, behind the ears, and top of nose. I usually cover all bases with those areas rubbed! The smell is divine; lavender, bergamot and ginger create a soothing, warm scent that relaxes you when inhaled. I used this on myself also, during those night feeds to help me fall back to sleep!

The tin is nice and light, perfect for travelling, or for a nappy bag to relax your baby when needed. There are no nasties in this product, with all ingredients USDA certified organic and petroleum free, hurray!

Available Online from iherb here, or in Dublin from MiraMira boutique in store & online here.

Napiers Sleep Time Massage Oil

Nothing prepares a baby for bed more than a bath and a massage! The blend of oils in this massage oil includes Roman Chamomile, Lavender and Mandarin. A perfect blend to calm, relax and encourage a warm, happy sleep! Napiers recommends rubbing into the shoulders and neck area in particular, to aid sleep but notes that this should not be used on babies below 3 months old. My baby massage tutor, Lorna, recommends using oils you can lick for very small babies, such as coconut Oil. Remember never use essential oils on broken or irritated skin.

No nasties in this product either, 100% natural ingredients, and in a brown bottle to stop the sun’s rays damaging the oil.

Available online and instore from Napiers, Edinburgh here.

Holos Happy Baby Oil

Another wonderful Massage Oil blend, Chamomile, Lavender and Sweet Almond Oil.

This Irish brand is new enough, and every new product they release is beautiful. You know when you smell something nice and you exhale, your whole body relaxes? This is how their oil blends make me feel in general- Holos mama range is wonderful.

They recommend massaging this Oil all over the baby’s body and also a few drops in the bath. Oh and they also mention it is great for cradle cap!

Available from Holos here.

*Discount*: Holos have offered 15% off the Happy Baby Oil for my readers, use code ‘natural baby’ at checkout.

Neal’s Yard Remedies to Roll – Relaxation

This pulse point remedy is a life saver. It travels in the nappy bag, or by the crib for a late night wake up, on a plane or in the car. It is extremely light and is about pocket size. The blend is made up of Lavender, Bergamot, Geranium, Frankincense and Orange oils. A wonderful bouquet of scents that relax the mind and body. I tend to use this on my baby when he needs to calm down if he is upset, if I am traveling on public transport or when he wakes up during the night. We will be traveling to Tuscany next week, and I will definitely have this in my purse !

Available online from Neal’s Yard here and instore in Dublin from Temple Bar Pharmacy here.

Lullaby Milk

This is essentially magic milk, and I used to drink this when I was pregnant to help me fall asleep. The key to this magic milk is simply that it contains more melatonin.

We produce the hormone melatonin at night to help our body sleep. This melatonin in the milk is down to the fact that the cows are all milked before dawn, thus having higher levels of melatonin within their milk! It is completely natural. This can be given warm before bed to a 12 months plus baby as a bottle, or from 6 months mixed with solid food, due to it being cows milk.

Note: Cow’s milk is not recommended until your baby can digest the milk protein called protease. The NHS recommends 12 months, the HSE in Ireland recommends 12 months also but encourages using milk in foods for weaning from 6 months. So I suggest that if you are giving this to your baby, make sure they are old enough, only give as a beaker/ cup or bottle before bed depending on age and make sure you heat up the milk. The process of heating up cow’s milk makes the protein digestible to humans,so always heat it up when drinking.

Lullaby Milk 

Available from SuperValu and Centra stores. Aldi are currently stocking this as part of their grow programme.

I hope these products help you as much as they help me! It is always good to try new things out until you find the one!

The next item I will be trying out is Ewan the Sheep, the sheep amits womb and heartbeat sounds, and comes on when detecting your baby waking! Irish Company Bella Baby stock it here.