Natural & Safe Sunscreens

Natural & Safe Sunscreens

Finding natural sunscreens that are still safe and trusted can be a leap of faith. I have rounded up the best natural sunscreens available for babies and beyond. I have also included a natural tan, which is 100% edible for mamas and papas out there, whom prefer to stay out of the sun’s rays.

Moogoo Natural SPF 30 Sunscreen

This is my go to sunscreen for most days. It is light, easy to apply and absorbs very well.

The most important ingredient here to consider is zinc oxide in nano particle form. It acts as a physical barrier against UV rays, by scattering them and reflecting them off the skin. Beeswax works in tandem with the zinc to keep it thick and stable. Johoba oil keeps the whole sunscreen light and non clogging, just what you need for baby’s delicate skin.

The price is very reasonable at EUR16.50. You can get it from good pharmacies and also directly from Moogoo here. If you sign up to their newsletter they usually have a first purchase discount code for you.

Childs Farm SPF 50 Sunscreen

Childs farm is leading the way at the moment in fragrance free, sensitive lotions and creams. My friends love the excema prone skin range, and swear by it for their baby’s skin.

Their sunscreens come in sprays, roll ons and lotions. This is their highest SPF 50+ but they also do 30 SPF.

The sunscreen is fragrance free, important for sensitive skin. SPF 50 is always thicker than lower SPF, so this lotion is best applied indoors, warmed up between the palms of your hands. Allow a good 30 minutes to soak in before going into the sun, otherwise it could be less effective.

Having checked through their list of ingredients with the cosmetic database online, most of themre perfectly safe. Though there are quite a lot of stabalisers and emulsifiers included, which i presume is because it is a high SPF 50+. You can check the EWG database here.

This sunscreen is also water resistant, another less worry when on the beach or at water parks.

Childs Farm is available in Boots, but also directly from childs farm online here.

Childs Farm After Sun Lotion

This aftersun contains organic Coconut Oil, so it smells scrumptious! It is also very kind and gentle on the skin, suitable for exzema prone skin. It also contains gentle aloe vera and rosemary oils. It avoids nasty Parabens, SLS and Mineral Oils which is what we all need to avoid these days.

My only dissapointment with this aftersun is that it contains fragrance, with organic coconut oil there is no need to add fragrance as it can cause reactions in very sensitive skins. Something to consider if you have psoriasis or dermatisis, do a tester on the inside of your arm before buying.

Available from Boots, and from childs farm online here.

Elave Sensitive Sun Paediatric SPF 50+

This Irish Brand is a favourite in our house, as it is designed for sensitive, allergen prone skin. We use their baby bath range and their nappy rash cream is a dream when teething bears its ugly head.

When i saw this new sunscreen with babies and children in mind I couldn’t wait to try it out.

I think this will be my go to sunscreen for my babies during the summer. SPF 50+ means you can apply it and not worry too much about re-applying constantly, due to its high protection.

It contains vitamins B5, C and E to nourish the skin and carries no oil, making it a lightweight texture, which is great for such a high SPF.

Fragrance free, it contains apple, coconut, rosemary and apricot extracts, making this sunscreen smell devine!

It is also water resistant, perfect for water lovers and puddle splashers.

Elave is available is good pharmacies, but you can source directly from Elave here.

Natural Gradual Tanning Cream

For those wanting to avoid the sun, and stay safely away from UV rays I have included this natural tanning cream from Moogoo.

This tanner has no smell and is very creamy in texture, a dream to apply. I tested it out for a wedding recently, and loved it. Its more like a moisturiser with natural tanner added, so it gives a natural sun glow but is not very dark at all. You would need to build up the tan after a few days if you wanted a darker tone.

The ingredients are very simple, they focused on making a creamy moisturiser, and adding natural tan colour from DHA and Canola Oil. They also added green tea extract for anti-ageing and milk protein for skin elasticity.

All the other ingredients are safe, including aloe vera and pear extract.

Moogoo products are stocked in most good pharmacies, but again if you source from Moogoo directly here, you can usually get a discount.

So there are my go to natural sunscreens this summer, do let me know what you use and what you found worked well!

Note: If your baby is still putting everything in their mouth, the Moogoo range is edible so you could try that to be on the safe side, but remember their sunscreen is not water resistant.