Natural Baby Moisturisers

Natural Baby Moisturisers

It is such a cherished ritual is it not? Massaging moisturiser onto your baby’s skin after a bath!

Such a relaxing experience for both mother and baby but also encourages bonding and releases more oxytocin within your body – good for milk production and burning that bump fat layer.

Picking a moisturiser that has no fragrance or parfume added is essential, as is choosing a natural skin care product.


Go for the least amount of chemicals as possible, avoiding parabens, phthalates and sulphates if you can. You can read more on what chemicals to avoid in skincare here.


Here are the products I found were the best for avoiding chemicals and being delicate on my baby’s skin.


Burt’s Bees

The Vitamin E Oil and Moisturiser worked very well. I preferred the oil, only because I did a wonderful baby massage class and was able to utilise the oil as a massage for baby too. The smell is very pleasant, and it glides on very easy! The moisturiser contains butter milk, shea butter and sunflower seed oil, making it very light and soaked in very well and quickly. Quick absorption is key as most babies do not like getting dressed, and babies lose their body temperature quickly after a bath so you need to get them dressed quickly. This product contains no parabens, SLS or phthalates.

I liked these 2 products so much i invested in their shampoo, which also smells lovely.


Kokoso Coconut Baby Oil

This is a dream product. The smell is just divine, if you love coconuts!

The oil itself remains solidified in the tub, so you scrape some out onto your palm and it melts with your body heat. Coconut oil is very healing on skin, so if my baby ever got rashes or scrapes this oil always cooled them down and healed them so well.

Once my baby started to dribble and eat his bibs he developed a rash under his chin and on his neck. This oil was the best at healing that rash each morning. You can get this online from their site or in Boots. I am looking forward to experimenting with more of their range, as its really impressed me. The container is recyclable and ethically made, cruelty free. Don’t forget you can use this on Mama’s hair ends for a quench of oil after a bath, or moisturiser on legs gives great results.


Napiers Baby Soothing Starflower

A soothing natural cream which contains borage seed oil, perfect for babies delicate skin.

This is a very light cream, which absorbed nice and quickly. A small bit went a long way, so great value for money. The ingredients are all natural, with calendula, aloe vera leaf, cacao seed butter and beeswax. This cream is perfect for cooling down delicate areas of skin as the ingredients are so natural – no parfums or fragrances, parabens or silicones. Perfect for nappy rash, itchy, irritated, dry patches of skin, and dermatitis/ eczema.


Childs Farm Sensitive Moisturiser

Wow does this smell amazing, it contains grapefruit and tea tree oil.

Everyone always commented on how gorgeous my baby smelled when I had this applied to his skin! I have always enjoyed applying this after a bath, as he would just smell delicious all day long. I found this moisturiser great for giving the skin a good coating of moisture each morning. The pump feature helps when trying to apply on a wriggling baby. This product is targeted at eczema and has been dermatology and pediatrician approved. I have heard only positive things on this product, with many mothers telling me how it helped clear their babies eczema instead of using cortisone or steroid creams. You can get this online from their own site, if you sign up to their email subscription you get 10% off. Boots do great deals on the childs farm range, as do many good pharmacies across Ireland now.