My Natural Product Finds for September

My Natural Product Finds for September

For the month of September I focused on Irish, local made products to support small business on our little Island here in Ireland, as much as possible during this difficult time. For many of these small producers the line between making and breaking there business is so fine, and this is the time to really shop local and support these small businesses.


So enjoy my little round up of amazing little products on our Island, that I enjoyed this month.

Donegal Bog Cotton Company – Sea Holly Soap

While I staycationed up in Donegal I was lucky enough to stumble upon this small company, based in the Gaeltacht (an Irish speaking community) of Falcarragh. This eco conscious company uses their local habitat for their inspiration, with scents from the bog and the mountains such as sea holly, moss and fuchsia.

Their range is consists of Soaps, Moisturisers, Lip-balms and Candles, all naturally made with no nasties or fragrances. The essential oil blends in their soaps smell absolutely wonderful, and at 5euro per soap it is well worth it and I know I will be stocking up on them for small gifts at Christmas to my loved ones. This Sea Holly Soap that I have been using is just delicious, it smells beautiful and it does not fade either, as the scents are all natural essential oils.

I also picked up their spearmint lip-balm, which smells incredible, think after eights but on your lips, with no petroleum or nasties.

They have a gift pack of a candle, a moisturiser and 2 soaps for 36euro, which comes in a handy muslin bag, so good value for all of that, given most natural candles now start at around 25euro now alone.


Three Hills Soap – Hibiscus & Ylang Ylang Bath Salts

This natural skincare company is based in Dublin, and they avoid any nasties in their products, they even dye their products with natural spices instead of using mica etc.

The hibiscus & ylang ylang bath salts are wonderful, leaving the bathroom smelling wonderfully warm and relaxing without the synthetic smell of many other bath salts. You wont need to worry about getting a rash from these bath salts, as they really do have no nasties. They do one other bath salt range, with colloidal oatmeal and coconut milk which would be wonderful for those suffering from itchy skin – ie dermatitis, psoriasis or excema.

I think this brand is worth exploring and enjoying over time, I see they also do Shampoo and conditioning solid bars, deodorant, soaps and sea sponges.


The Apple Farm of Tipperary – Irish Cider Vinegar

I was on the hunt for a new bottle of apple cider vinegar and I was only delighted when I found this Irish brand in a small craft shop outside Tipperary.

Apple Cider Vinegar is wonderful for the body, if you take it each morning before any food or drink, it helps with sluggish digestion, balances blood sugar levels, supports the immune system and also balances the ph levels in your stomach. So this is wonderful for anyone suffering from gerd, or other gastrointestinal issues such a reflux or hernias. Having the right ph in your stomach ensures you digest your food fully and correctly, absorbing vitmains and minerals fully before digestion and elimination occurs. Apple Cider Vinegar is also great for arthritis, or so my grandmother used to tell me anyhow! You could also use this on salads too!

This apple cider vinegar has a wonderful sweet apple taste, and is not too acidic, more sweet if you can visualise it. The bottle is just gorgeous (a polo bottle), with a lovely wooden bottle top, which means you can re-use this bottle for your own homemade juices or syrups easily.

The Apple farm itself has been there since 1968, and the family farm shop includes some wonderful jams, juices and cider from their fields and orchards.

You can order from their online shop in bulk, and if you are near Tipperary do drop into their farm shop here.


Peachy Handmade Natural Skincare -Aloe Vera Cleanser

If you have read any of my other monthly natural products round ups, you will have seen Peachy feature before. Peachy really is a wonderful, clean, natural skincare brand. Sinéad, is a one woman show, making, marketing, fulfillng deliveries all herself while being a busy mama. Supporting a small business like this over a big brand just makes sense here, especially since the ingredients are all natural and mainly organic.

This month I used a product I had for a little while but never really gave my self the TIME! to use it, being a busy mama myself. This is the type of product you incorporate into a bedtime routine by giving yourself even five minutes to yourself in the evening when the smallies fall asleep!

The cleanser smells wonderful with hints of lavender, grapefruit and rose, with aloe vera as the base. This means it is very gentle on the skin, not too heavy, so its perfect for oily or sensitive skin types.

I picked this up from MUA makeup in Skerries here and Peachy’s facial range is here. If it is out of stock, don’t worry as Sinéad hand-makes her products, so it will be back soon. Check out her amazing Facial Serum too.

Well thats it for September, see you again for my October natural product finds!