My Natural Product finds for June

My Natural Product finds for June

So this month I found some little gems, perfect for the summer time. Just in time for showing off those toes in sandles, or traveling around with your own palm free soap, organic shaving oil and Trilogy Balm for sunny lips.

Benecos Natural Nail Varnish

With summer approaching in May I started to thrawl the Internet for a natural nail varnish or a low chemical product, as much as practically possible. Making a low chemical product is very hard when it comes to nail varnish, as it needs to bind to the nail, contain a colour pigment and try not to chip off too easily.

Benecos Happy Nails

I found Benecos natural nail varnish in Nourish, the Irish healthstore. The brand states it is 5free, so toluene, camphor, phthalates, formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin free. An amazing feat for a nail varnish. The colours range is good, none being alike. The varnish is quite chip resistant and glossy. You can find it here and here.

When I came across the nail polish, I also saw they had a nail varnish remover here and here. With little babies in the house, I try to have little or no chemicals inside our house. So finding a natural version now is a parenting win for me. The remover itself is brilliant, no striping your nail’s oil or nasty acetone smell and a great price point too.

Benecos Natural Nail Polish Remover

Peachy Organic Under Eye Serum

Peachy is an Irish skincare brand that I have been using since it started in 2016. I use their baby balms for nappy  rashes, baby dermatitis, and it always works wonders. So, finding this product for me, was a nice mama time treat. It smells devine with a delicate lavender scent, perfect for a bedtime routine to calm the mind. I always look well rested the next morning, even if the baby has been up most of the night teething. A real find this one!

You can find peachy here or in most local shops in Skerries, where Sinéad is based.

Peachy Organic Under Eye Serum

Palm Free Irish Soap

I bought their baby soft shampoo bar, as my little one has very sensitive skin and it worked wonders. I was dying to try out the adult soap bars, which smell just amazing. The essential oils are beautiful and the smell never fades the longer the soaps are in use.

I loved the small travel paper bag they included so that you can bring them with you when on holiday or traveling with work for that reminder of home.

The also have deodorant bars, laundry bars and some of their new scent combinations sound delishious… Teatree & Neem, Oats & Port, Rose Water and Irish Seaweed.

You can find their soap bars here and also from, a wonderful eco-living site.

Absolute Aroma Organic Shaving Oil

This concept of Shaving with oil instead of soap was new to me, though my partner had asked me before why I had not considered shaving with oil when men regularly did, with rashless, soft and nick free skin as a result.

After trying it I can now say I’m a covert. Not only was my skin wonderfully soft for days afterwards, it had no nicks, which I always get with soap.

It does take a while to get used to, you pat your legs with the oil, let is soak in for a number of minutes and then shave slowly, rinsing the blade as you go. The blade does get clogged with the oil unlike soap, so it does need vigorous rinsing as you use it.

The small size makes it ideal for traveling and the weight of the bottle is extremely light, perfect for light travel. The blue glass stops the oil being irradiated by the sun’s rays.

You can find this handy Shaving Oil here and here.

MooGoo Natural Deodorant

Now this has been a real little find. I have tried a number of aluminium free, natural deodorants and this has, hands down been the most effective. Many natural deodorants tend to need re-applications during the day but this one from Australian brand MooGoo only needs one application.

MooGoo’s amazing natural deodorant

Some good pharmacies in Ireland do stock MooGoo , but you can also purchase from Amazon here or from MooGoo directly here and drool at all their other natural skincare offerings. Price point is usually around 8Euro.

Trilogy Everything Balm

So this little balm is perfect for your purse or beside your bed for pre-sleep application. It’s smells glorious, calming but very subtle in scent. It can be used on lips or dry skin areas such as elbows etc. Price is a little high for what I would consider a lip balm though, so it is definitely a splurge product. Retails around 15euro. You can find it in good pharmacies such as here and reliable amazon here.

Trilogy Everything Balm