My Natural Product Finds for July

My Natural Product Finds for July

Here are some natural, chemical free products I have been using this month.

Holos Love your Skin Body Oil

1. Holos Love Your Skin Body Oil.

If you have not come across this natural Irish skincare brand, you need to. Niamh has created some amazing products for babies, pregnancy, mama time and teenagers. She does not use parabens, sls, or preservatives. Her products are suitable for vegans too.

I have been a huge fan of this particular product for a while, as a busy mama of 2 toddlers, getting a moment of space is rare. So when I do, I use this body oil in the bath for a wonderfully warm hug.

The scent is amazing, containing Rose, Palmerosa, Benzoin & Frankincense in Sweet Almond oil. Once a few drops hit the bath water the room is filled with a relaxing, calming and reassuring scent. Almost like having your own private spa.

The Rose and Benzoin are great for inflammation or blemishes. The Palmerosa and Frankincense work wonders on fine lines. It also ensure amazing skin hydration with the vitamin E and Sweet Almond Oil.

A few drops rubbed onto freshly bathed skin really hydrates the skin well and smells absolutely glorious on the skin for the rest for the day.

You can find holos in good pharmacies but can get the whole range directly from holos here.

2. Neals Yard Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisturiser

My house is filled with Neals Yard products, they were one of the first companies around to start chemical free, natural skincare products. Their essential oils are wonderful, particularly their blends. Today, they have an enormous range of products to choose from, I love their gift sets.

I try rotating my moisturisers to keep my skin well balanced. This Moisturiser is wonderfully light though it rehydrates the skin really effectively.

It has an antioxidant blend of damask and rose, which also smell divine! It also contains hyaluronic acid and starflower, which I always find balancing on my skin.

The glass blue bottle, a trademark of Neal’s Yard inhibits the sunlight from damaging the oils within. I always repurpose the bottles, as vases mainly.

The pump feature is so handy, it gives the perfect amount of application in 1 pump. This means there is no waste, and the product lasts longer.

You can find this Neal’s Yard here and on Amazon worldwide here.

MooGoo’s Natural Mineral Bronzer & Blush

3. MooGoo Natural Mineral Bronzer & Blush.

MooGoo are well loved for their natural skincare range, especially their hypoallergenic creams trusted by many mums and dads for baby dermatitis, cradle cap, psoriasis and excema.

When they launched their make up range I was delighted, as most make up on the market is filled with talc, parabens, petroleum, SLS, Silicones and worse.

Their make up range is vegan friendly, containing no parabens, talc or SLS. They even include macadamia and jojoba oils in their mineral powders, along with vitamin E to ensure the skin does not get dehydrated.

The bronzer has a wonderful warm colour and tone and the blush is so subtle, like a soft rose glow. It last really well.

You can find MooGoo’s make-up range here from their website, while drooling at the rest of their make-up line!

The Handmade Soap Co’s Hand Sanitiser

4. The Handmade Soap Co’s Lemongrass & Cedarwood Hand Sanitiser

I think we could all do with a hand sanitizer that kills viruses and germs but does not smell awful or leave your hands in bits.

The Handmade Soap Co does an amazing range of soaps, hand washes, shower gels and candles. This little Irish company has some incredible scent blends.

I noticed on their Instagram feed that they had made a hand sanitizer. Knowing that their scents blends are insane, I knew I had to have this in my buggy and handbag asap!

Really reasonable price point at around 6euro. You can find this on their website here.