My Natural Product Finds for December

My Natural Product Finds for December

The last article in this series, and I have to say I really enjoyed putting this monthly article together.

Here are my December finds, hopefully there are some new products in there for you and some you already like!


  1. Jack N’ Jill – Children’s Hand Sanitizer.

This product is so clever, with its holder that loops onto school bags, buggies or into coat pockets. The hand sanitizer itself is gentle and kind on little ones skin, and Jack N Jill have a few different animals to choose from. Each pack comes with a refill also. Great value under €6 from my local eco-store in Dublin Earthmother here, or also from Amazon worldwide (AF Link) here.





2. Warrior Botanicals – Natural Deodorant

I am a huge fan of natural, chemical free deodorants and this one was a nice find. I went with the rosemary and cedar wood so that my other half could try this out! It is a great first timer natural deodorant as it is quite creamy as opposed to salve like, if that makes sense. I found this from my local natural shop Earthmother here and the website for Warrior Botanicals based in Cork, is here. Enjoy looking over their range, another wonderful find.



3. Bio D -Rosemary and Thyme Hand Wash

I think we have all tried and tested many hand washes this year, but this one in particular smells wonderful and is such good value (huge tub for under €6). I just had to include it as my mum even stole my one she loved it so much. The scent is so refreshing and it is kind on your hands. You can find it here from Earthmother in  Ireland and worldwide here (AF link).




4. The Well at Cliff – HandBalm

I purchased this from The CliffHouse Hotel in Waterford this year, from their renowned Spa. They have a whole new range, and this smelled just heavenly so I had to bring it home. With all the hand washing, my hands really were in bits by the end of this year!

This has lavender and organic carrageen moss, so it is a very unique smell, you wont find anything like this on the market.

The balm itself is less like a hand cream but more like a salve, so its perfect for pre-bedtime application, as it is nice and thick.

You can only find this from the Cliff Hotel here.



5. Naturally at the Wrens Nest – Poppymint Soap

I could not finish the year off without including one last product from this amazing herbalist. She makes soap the traditional way, which means less chemicals and more time and effort goes into crafting each soap. She forages most of the herbs that make up her range from her garden or the local forest in Co Laois where she is based. Her subscription was on my Christmas list from my other half, so this has been my favourite find in 2020.  You can find her wonderful products here.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this series of Articles. You can find the previous months here.