My Natural Product Finds for August

My Natural Product Finds for August

During August I got to try out some nice new natural products, as well as some of my go to natural finds.

1. Cheeky Panda Biodegradable Handy Wipes

I think these wipes are so handy in the purse or in the buggy, the car etc. As they are natural, you can use them safely on your baby’s face, which most baby wipes can’t be. They do have natural antibacterial ingredients which is great, as most alcohol gels and hand sanitisers we are all using at the moment strip the dermis on the hands. So having a wipe that cleans up mess without the alcohol is very welcome.

The wipes contain 99% purified water, and the rest is simply aloe vera and fruit extract. The are also completely biodegradable and compostable. Please remember though, they are not, nor is any wet wipe flushable, they need oxygen to decompose, once they contact water they can no longer decompose correctly, which is why we are seeing tones of them on our beaches.

I find the size is perfect for nappy bags, as they are not too bulky or heavy.
You can find them in most good supermarkets, or on amazon here.


2. Natracare Organic Cotton Panty Liners

Well these have been a revelation, and all I can say is I wish I had known about these years ago. They are so comfortable,  and I can’t stress that enough, they are like little pillows. There is nothing worse than chafing when you walk with plastic panty liners, or them moving around. No worries on that front now, they are so sturdy but soft and well padded. I also tried their padded nighttime and regular ranges, and loved them. If you are looking to change your panty liner, to something organic, soft and kinder to your skin and pocket, look at these. On another note they also do maternity pads, which I would have been thrilled with last year, as the pads on the market are plastic and so uncomfortable. Seriously, such a great find!


3. MooGoo Natural Strawberry Tinted Lip Balm

A completely natural lip balm that gives the lips a red tint, without petroleum, aluminium or whale blubber? Yes Please!

I had used MooGoo’s lip balms before but this tinted balm is new to their range, and guess what? It gives a wonderful blush colour to the lips that naturally fades as the balm gets used up on your lips. All their balms are completely edible so it is safe if you baby likes to go through your bag and accidentally takes a bite! You can find their balms here on MooGoo or worldwide on Amazon here.

4. It’s Pure -Organic Henna Hair Colour

During the last few months of lock down I have found it really hard to obtain some henna, along with many items, it was out of stock for a long time. So my greys had a whale of a time the last few months in full show. When this came back in stock I was delighted. I have been using henna for many years now, having got my first greys when I was only 18. A henna pro, that’s me. Some henna brands unfortunately are not strong enough to cover greys, but I found this brand in particular worked very well on that front.

The amount of henna that comes in the box is brilliant, I mean there is a lot! So, you do not need to worry if you have long hair about buying 2 boxes of hair colour here. Follow the instructions, add hot water or freshly brewed coffee like I do, for a nice dark brown warmth, and mix it until it is like a thick yogurt. The longer you leave it on your hair the better, but a minimum of 1 hour is best.

Always remember with henna, you cannot use it if you have a perm or recently died your hair with ammonia.  Always do a strand test if new to henna. Get yourself plastic gloves, a towel for your shoulders, a set of painting clothes (leggings and top) a Pirex (heatproof) glass bowl, a hair application brush and a spoon which you will now keep just for henna.

Tips: After rinsing out most of the henna after a couple of minutes, use a conditioner to rinse out the last stubborn pieces along the scalp. Never use very hot water and try and avoid washing your hair for a good 2 days if you can to let the henna colour settle into the hair.

You can find this brand in most Boots stores and Amazon worldwide here.

5. Burt’s Bees’ Coconut Foot Cream

If you love coconuts you will love this foot cream, it smells so good going to bed on your little tootsies! I am a huge fan of Burt’s Bees’ range, their haircare is very low in chemicals, and not too heavy on the hair. Their baby range is a staple in our house too, especially their shampoo and baby massage oil. If you are looking for a foot cream that really hydrates the skin on your feet, well this is the one. I also think it could be a really thoughtful gift for someone who is on their feet all day, like doctors, nurses or retail workers. They do a regular size, and a smaller handbag size which could be handy for those mentioned above in their work locker etc.

I enjoyed finding and using these during August, make sure you stop by for my September finds!