Make your own Japanese style playdo – Komugi Nendo

Make your own Japanese style playdo – Komugi Nendo

This is such an easy, cost effective way to make fresh playdo, that usually lasts a week.

Komugi Nendo is a playdo/ clay made from flour, water, cooking oil and food colouring. It is edible but like raw dough I wouldn’t recommend it! This is used in Japanese schools as a staple sensory play activity for children.

I could not find too much info on the recipe online in english, so we just experimented. We made one big batch of the plain dough and then added food colouring separately to smaller balls of dough. This way you can do many colours.


– Wheat Flour, strong flour recommended (1 cup)

– Water (roughly 5 tablespoons)

– Cooking Oil (1 teaspoon)

– Salt (this keeps bacteria away naturally). Just a pinch

– Plastic gloves will come in handy to stop the colour staining your hand when mixing the colour into the dough.

– Food colourings of choice. (2 drops per colour).


Place the flour in a bowl, make a hole in the middle and mix the flour gently into the ingredients you add into that hole bit by bit – the salt, water and oil.

Keep mixing until it comes together, if it feels too sticky add more flour, or not coming together enough then add more water.

*Now if you have plastic gloves, put them on now to avoid colouring your hand.

Devide into balls for each colour you have. Now add 2 drops to the small mixture in your hand, mush it into the dough by hand. Place on newspaper to air dry for at least 15 minutes. Repeat for each colour.

Tip: if the coloured balls are still too wet or you dropped in too much colouring, don’t worry, just shake it around some flour and let dry for a few minutes.

It’s that simple and the colour does not transfer onto tables or surfaces, once you allow it to dry into the dough!

This is what they use in Japanese schools, so once you make it, you will probably never look back at wasting money buying playdo wohoo.

Once finished play, place in a sandwich bag out of the sun, and it should keep for you, for a good week.

Our Komugi Nendo had a marbling effect but I’m sure you could just add more colour to get an intense colour hue.