Magical & Natural Nappy Rash Creams

Magical & Natural Nappy Rash Creams

I have been collecting natural, chemical free nappy rash creams since my baby was born last year, only ever applying them when needed, on the advise of my midwife.

Bang on 12 months, my little one’s molars came down together, along with the rest of his teeth! So all this extra saliva was being ingested, and irritating his gut and bowel. The result was bad, sore nappies which needed to be changed at least every 30 minutes to avoid total meltdown.

His poor little bum got a bad, almost weepy rash as a result, and the first line of defence for me was no nappies. Pure air and some good natural barrier cream allowed to dry in was what cured his poor bum in the end, after almost 5 days.

I got to use my creams and they really got tested. Here are the best ones, and one cream which ended up irritating him when applied.

Peach Baby – Combination of “Baby Bum” and “Fix You Calendula Cream”

This Irish brand, made and run by Sinéad is relatively new, with various creams and serum being added as her business grows. I saw both these creams on her instagram page and could not wait to add them to my natural nappy balm collection for the baba.

The Baby Bum cream has a wonderful consistency, allowing me to apply it to my Baby and not be afraid of hurting the skin in the process. It created an amazing but breathable barrier on the bum, reducing any chafing of the nappy rash and allowing the skin to heal.

The ingredients are all natural, and what you want on the skin in order to heal, these being Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, Zinc Oxide and Chamomile to cool the skin.

The Fix You Calendula Cream was also a dream to apply, a little going a very long way. This was great to heal the broken skin, and the tub mentions it is great for lumps, bumps, stings and bites too. The smell is divine from both tubs, and this cream would also be fabulous on psoriasis and dermatitis/ eczema.

Napiers – Baby Cooling Chickweed Bottom Balm

This unfragranced cooling balm is perfect for very sensitive skin. It creates a wonderful barrier balm. As the balm is completely natural the consistency can be a little solidified, so if you keep it in a warm press you won’t have any issues applying to baby’s skin. The chickweed is wonderful for itchy skin, reducing inflammation very well.

The Ingredients are all natural, focusing on sweet almond oil, coconut oil and chickweed.

You can find Napiers here.

Elave – Sensitive Nappy Cream

I recently came across this Irish natural skincare brand when waiting in my local pharmacy. I took home their baby bath to try and was hooked on their baby range of chemical free skincare. This nappy cream is white, and has a balmy but creamy texture. The balm gives good barrier coverage onto the skin, keeping it breathable at the same time. I felt this cream was healing and very easy to apply to nappy rash without any discomfort to the baby.

The cream is fragrance free, with 50% of the ingredients organic, and 100% of the ingredients natural. The main ingredients are Zinc Oxide, Castor Seed Oil, Vitamin E and Beeswax.

You can find leave here or on Amazon here.

Childs Farm – Nappy Cream

A fragrance free nappy cream, more like a moisturiser than a barrier cream or balm. Unfortunately we stopped using this cream as it really irritated my baby when I applied it to his nappy rash. Though the cream is “dermatologically approved and suitable for sensitive, eczema prone skin” we had a reaction as soon as it touched his rash. So I looked into the ingredients, and found 4 that I was unhappy with.

Sodium Hydroxide, on the chemical scale it is given a 3-4 “fair rating”, stating it is a highly caustic and reactive inorganic base.

Benzyl Alcohol, on the chemical scale it is given a 5 “Moderate Rating”, stating it is a synthetic ingredient used as solvent and preservative; has been associated with contact allergy.

The other ingredients which also scored a Fair rating were Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate. If you wish to check out any ingredient to see its toxicity rating, you can do so at Skin Deep.

So there you have it, tried and tested natural creams for your baba’s tush! Hope they make life easier for you, having a happy bum in a nappy makes such a difference to baby’s mood and wellbeing 💚