Healthy Protein Balls

Healthy Protein Balls

These protein balls are the perfect healthy snack for your child and for you! to enjoy with a nice cup of tea or coffee.

They work well as snacks from the age of toddlers up. Good for lunch boxes or as a sweet healthy treat after lunch or dinner.

You can adapt it to your child’s preference in terms of nuts, seeds, flavour, herbs etc.

Usually, I work with whatever nuts we have, almonds I find, work best however for the paste. Hazelnuts or pecans give a more caramel taste to the balls.


1. 200g Whole almonds – soaked overnight

2. 100g Mixed Seeds – soaked overnight

3. A small splash of Vanilla extract

4. Herbs: Cinnamon & Nutmeg

5. 4 tablespoons of Cocoa Powder or Raw Cacao

6. 4 tablespoons Organic Honey or Organic Maple Syrup. (Organic versions tend to have a lower % of sugar ratio).

It is very important to soak the nuts and seeds overnight. Soaked nuts and seeds are broken down more slowly as fuel in the digestive system, and this also allows their nutrients to be absorbed better.

Overnight Soaked Almonds

Throw all the ingredients into a blender / food processor or nutribullet.

Blend until the paste comes together. If you find it too dry, add a small teaspoon of tepid water and blend some more.

Roll into balls and coat in your choice of either coconut, chopped nuts or cocoa nibs.

Protein Balls

Sit in the fridge and chill for at least 2 hours. These freeze really well, you can take the snack out each morning, and they will have defrosted by lunch.