Biodegradable Baby Wipes

Biodegradable Baby Wipes

A recent Irish Coast Watch Survey revealed an alarming increase of wet wipes all over our beaches and coastal ways. “Flushable Wipes” are the main culprit, along with regular non biodegradable wipes. They found ropes made from wet wipes all along Irish beaches, and these wet wipes have also been found ingested by turtles.

Flushable wipes are just not flushable, even biodegradable compostable wipes are not flushable. In order for chemical compounds to decompose they require above all things air. Once wipes enter our water system they can longer decompose.

With this alarming increase, I think we owe it to the survival of all life on our planet that we try to use biodegradable, compostable wipes.

What are you looking for:

  1. Chlorine Free

  2. Paraben Free

  3. Plastic Free

  4. Fragrance Free

  5. Alcohol Free

  6. 100% Biodegradable

  7. 100% Compostable

  8. Hypoallergenic

Here are some of the best biodegradable wipes on the market today:

1.Kinder by Nature Unscented Baby Wipes

These Wipes are made from wood pulp instead of synthetic polyester, so they take 12 weeks to decompose instead of 500 years. They are also made with 98% purified, deionised water, which is what wipes should mainly consist of. I checked all their ingredients on the EWG database of chemicals and they were all safe.

The cloth used in the wipes is also chlorine free and very hypoallergenic, making these wipes perfect for babies with eczema, dermatitis or any other skin conditions. Many parents use wipes on their baby’s face after a nappy change for ease, and I would have no qualms about using this type of wipe on my childs face, as it is so hypoallergenic. Their range also includes “

Their range also includes “Nose Nuzzles Wipes” which I think is a fantastic idea, as tissue is quite harsh on the nose! They come in packs of 56 wipes with a resealable top.

Where to Buy: Boots, Amazon.

2. Bambo by Nature Baby Wipes

These Swedish wipes carry the Nordic Environmental Swan label, along with being certified by the Asthma Allergy association of Denmark. They are dermatologically tested and contain no parabens or perfume. The pack comes with 80 wipes and the price is very good at around €2.30 per pack, or less if you buy in bulk. These wipes come out 1 at a time, which is so important for nappy changes. It also has its own lid to keep them moist for longer.

Their range includes Nappies, which I have reviewed here, and found brilliant, also very affordable.

Where to Buy: Bambo Nature Uk, The Organic Cotton Shop (Cork, Ireland) and Amazon.

3. Kit and Kin Baby Wipes

These gentle baby wipes come in a pack of 60, and retail in Ireland at around €3.80. Fragrance free and chlorine free they are very hypoallergenic, containing chamomile, aloe vera and cucumber extract for your baby’s delicate skin, and dermatologically tested also. What we love about these wipes are the little grooves on the wipes themselves, which helps mop up everything during a nappy change. You can buy in bulk from Kit and Kin, and save about 30%.Check out their nappy range too, we are big fans and my baby currently has a panda bum.

Check out their nappy range too, we are big fans and my baby currently has a panda bum.

Where to Buy: Kit and Kin, Boots and Tesco

4. Water Wipes

Known as the world’s purest baby wipe, these Irish brand of wipes only contain 2 ingredients; Water and Grape Seed extract. They recommend using within 2 weeks of opening because they are so pure and contain no chemicals. The pack contains 60 wipes, at around €3.50. You can buy in bulk to lower the cost, Boots sell 12 packs for €34, sell 12 packs for €32, sell 18 packs for €39. Needless to say this is an Allergy UK friendly product. Keep a look out for their handy changing bag sized wipe packs!

Where to Buy: AmazonBoots,,

5. The Cheeky Panda – Biodegradable Bamboo Wipes

These wipes are new to the market, the company made toilet roll from Bamboo, which grows 3 times faster than trees. Their wipes are quite like Water wipes, with 99% water, but with apple extract and aloe vera juice added. They smell amazing with the apple and aloe vera giving a natural fragrance free scent. The wipes are extremely hypoallergenic on baby’s skin. Price point wise they are a little dearer than the other biodegradable wipes, but the same as Water Wipes at around 3.50. Look at buying in bulk where you can to reduce the cost. Cheeky panda also do a great nappy/ diaper friendly bag pack of these wipes which won’t take up too much space at all, ensuring more important things get space!

Where to buy: Amazon, Boots.

I have done a small video review of these wipes on my YouTube channel, check it out under the Video Tab above!