Best Irish Stores for Baby Essentials

Best Irish Stores for Baby Essentials

There is a huge list of baby essential needed before their arrival. Being prepared for when baby comes is key to surviving those delicate and sleepy first few weeks.

Essentials like Multi-Mam compress pads to give your boobs relief when breastfeeding, Milton wipes, soothers and teething mits can easily be ordered online from a number of reliable, friendly Irish stores. Here are the top Irish Stores I dealt with pre and post pregnancy that have a more personal touch.


A galway based health store. Natural remedies are well stocked including Weleda’s homeopathic range. I found them great for Biodegradable wipes and nappy sacks. I also get Chamomile homeopathic tablets for my baby’s teething. I find the teetha strips are expensive everywhere, so I get the tablets instead and feel they work better. They have a good section of eco products also, which is great if you want to avoid harsh chemicals around your baby.

Skin 1 Pharmacy

Great online supply of mother and baby essentials. This independent pharmacy is run by a husband and wife team, so it is a warm and personal service. They are friendly and happy to discuss private queries you may have about your pregnancy or baby or indeed you, in store. They have a good range of natural skin care products for baby – Moo Goo and Elave being the main brands. They use dpd couriers and the delivery is pretty much next day.

Milltown Pharmacy

An amazing support for pre and post pregnancy. Their site has categories specifically for pregnancy and babies. They have everything from weaning food trays to items for your hospital bag! One of the pharmacists has her own blog where she gives advice here. I was able to find specific baby items that all other pharmacies did not stock, so a good resource of baby goods. Shipping was super fast too.


This is basically a massive pregnancy treasure trove! You can get everything here for your baba’s arrival – glow temperature room lights, tens machines, pregnancy supplements, maternity pads and even car seats. They always have sales and offers on, so you save a lot of money bulking up on 3 for 2’s- especially on those pregnancy supplements! Their site has a pregnancy and baby section which is categorised by 1st, 2nd and 3rd Trimester- how handy is that!


I found this site great for natural, eco-friendly baby products. They have a fabulous range of different biodegradable and cloth nappies to try out, Naty (Nature Babycare) and Beaming Baby, as well as Best Bottom and BumGenius. They offer many baby carriers, from slings to the more structured Ergo Baby types, the pricing compared to the major retailers is very competitive.