Beautiful Bedtime Books

Beautiful Bedtime Books

Sitting down and reading a book with your child is a wonderful ritual to have each night. It calms the child down, and prepares them for bed. They also get to spend some quality time with you, with no TV or noises getting in the way of their learning and listening.

I just love books and can’t stop myself from getting children’s books anytime I see a bookshop, especially independent bookshops. I remember it feeling like a treasure chest anytime I went into a bookshop as a child, and wanted all the books! I think there is something very special about a child being able to look through book shelves, feel the books and ultimately choosing their own book.

If you are able to take a trip to a bookstore, I recommend these independent bookstores, for their wonderful children’s sections and for supporting small Irish businesses too.

Fabulous independent stores in Dublin for children’s books:

  • Gutter Bookshop here,
  • Winding Stair here,
  • The Village Bookshop here
  • The Company of Books here.

All the below books are available instore at the above listed independent bookshops.

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So here are my favourite tried and tested Bedtime Books!

Touch the Brightest Star – Christie Matheson

Touch the Brightest Star by Christie Matheson

A hardback book, which can stand up to biting, throwing and rough and tumble!

This book brings the day to a close gently by saying goodbye to the light and hello to the night. It interacts with your child by asking them to touch various items on the page, which corresponds withsomething happening then on the next page (example: a star turns into a comet). If you think your child will like astronomy, this book also introduces them to star constellations.

The artwork is very gentle with some beautiful watercoloursand a warm colour fade on each page. The words are nice and big for baby to read without being distracted by too many images around the words. The words are printed in white, ensuring they are very visible to the eye.

Goodnight Baby Moon by James Mitchem

A hardback book, with an electric light that illuminates the full moon on the front cover. The light feature makes this book lots of fun for a child. The book’s main characters are a group of rabbits on a nightly moonlight walks,who question where the moon goes as it changes cycle.

It begins with a full moonand slowly changes to a half moon, a new moon, a crescent moon and ends with a full moon again. The message at the end teaches children about the cyclical nature of the moon, by saying “Watching the moon helped the rabbits to learn that when it goes away it will always return”.

The artwork is very clever as the rabbits are to the foreground on each page, but are in a shadow of the moon to imply that they are watching the moon from our perspective, the reader. This draws the reader in to look at what the rabbits are watching.

How to Catch a Star – Oliver Jeffers

How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers

Another stunning book by this author, his book “Here We Are” is another favourite.

This book is based on the character of a boy who loves stars. He loves them so much he wishes he had one of his own, so goes on a quest to catch a star.

The Artwork is very unique to Oliver Jeffers, a style that has a rough, abstract aspect to it but at the same time conveys so much energy. Each image is one of an action, keeping your child glued to the book with excitement to see the next page.

Check out his website for kids to play on and interact here: Oliver Jeffers World.

Goodnight Beautiful Moon – Puffin Rock

Goodnight Beautiful Moon based on the Irish TV series Puffin Rock

My child just loves Puffin Rock, and always has since he first heard itat around 3 months old. Irish animation studio the Cartoon Saloon created the series, and their distinctive animation work has given them many awards, including Academy, Golden Globe and Oscar nominations. This book is like an episode from the cartoon series, based around the event of a Supermoon. Puffin Rock has always been focused on nature, ecology, the environment and teaching the viewer in a friendly manner about all of these themes through their animation. This book does this also by teaching the reader what a supermoon is, and the group of animals that inhabit the island of Puffin Rock prepare for the event together, telling each other along the way, including everyone.

The artwork, like the series, is just amazing. If you have not seen Song of the Sea, or the Breadwinner, their animated films, you need to, to fully appreciate the talent. The main characters are puffins,Oona and Baba and are beautifully painted.

You can buy prints from the Cartoon Saloon here if you like their artwork asI do!

Puffin Rock is on RTE 2, and also now on Netflix – perfect for downloading offline for those airplane trips with toddlers!

This book is available online from Cartoon Saloon here.

The Moon Spun Round – W.B. Yeats

The Moon Spun Round by W.B Yeats

This is a stunning book of short stories and poetry for children, by W.B. Yeats.

I would recommend this for a child of maybe five years of age or more, to fully enjoy the poetry and stories, letting their imaginations run wild. The artwork for each story or poem is itself a work of art. Shona Shirley McDonald did the artwork, which is filled with enchanted fairies, butterflies and magic, themes that resonate through Yeat’s stories and poetry. The back of the book includes a small background to Yeats’ life by Noreen Doody who edited the book, which is wonderful for a child to read. The Cat and the Moon is my favourite poem in the book, as it is an incredibly visual poem. The artwork which accompanies the poem personifies so well Yeats’ imagery within the poem.

I hope you enjoy these bedtime books if you get them, and let me know what you think! Do you have any other favourite bedtime books your little one loves? I’d love to hear about them, you can never have too many books.

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