Baby Nutrition – Sea Trout, Potatoes, Asparagus & Kale

Baby Nutrition – Sea Trout, Potatoes,  Asparagus & Kale

Baby Weaning – Stage 2 +

New potatoes are in season, so why not blend up some fish pots for your little one!

Sea Trout, like Salmon, is full of good nutrients but is packed with Protein. Protein is essential for building bones and muscles, the building blocks of the body, which we discussed here in our Steamed Salmon recipe.

Sea Trout is also full of Vitamin A, B6, B12, Magnesium and a good helping of phosphorus and essential fatty acids. It tastes very similar to salmon, some prefer the taste to Salmon, and the flesh is pink in colour also.

As your baby progresses through Weaning Stage 2, ensure the consistency of the food changes to a more lumpy texture. Encourage self feeding, I usually give every second spoonful and hand the spoon then to my baby. This shows your baby that both of you are feeding baby and becomes more fun for them too.


  1. I find that new potatoes skin does not blend well, and you are left with slices that can get caught in baba’s throat. I would recommend pealing before steaming- but not for sweet potato, leave the skin on.
  2.  Steam some asparagus and kale for only 5 minutes. Blend together with steamed potatoes, once ready.
  3. Before steaming the fish, check for bones along the middle and sides and remove ( I use a set of tweezers for fish). Steam the Sea Trout with skin on, in some grease-proof paper to retain juices. Separate the fish from the skin and break up through your fingers, ensuring there are no bones, scattering over the blended potato and green vegetables.
  4. Feel free to add some Garlic, Parsley or Ginger.
  5. Divide into freezer trays, I find these NUK ones below are fab!