Avoiding Those Stretch Marks

Avoiding Those Stretch Marks

Here are a list of the creams I found worked wonders in avoiding stretch marks while my skin expanded in pregnancy and shrank after pregnancy. I think the key is to hydrate the skin all the time in pregnancy so as to avoid those stretch marks. It is an investment you will be thankful you made for yourself. Choosing ones that were natural were very important for me, and I have included 1 unnatural one here that I was given out of interest.

Rosehip Oil – Very expensive but I have to say … you are worth it. You are either expecting a baby or just had a baby, or planning! and these little moments to yourself were you treat yourself emotionally, mentally and spiritually are so so important. So invest in this product. It smells like rosehip, not too strong and comes in a small or medium sized glass. The glass is brown as this stops the oils being oxydised under light. *Tip* – any oils you ever buy should be in a brown or a blue bottle for this reason.

Pure Plant Body Oil
Trilogy also released this bigger product of plant oils (Rosehip, Almond and Apricot Oils), so not the same as the pure rosehip oil. I tended to use this bigger product on my legs, bum, chest and targeted the rosehip oil on my bump, and hips. *Tip* – Moisturise your face after you have applied the rosehip oil so you can use the leftover on your face.
As this one is pricey I have shopped around:
Evergreen.ie – Irish website looking after all things baby and parenting – all in one place.
Cloud10Beauty – Irish Website, free delivery in Ireland, discount codes and great deals.
Nourish – Irish Health Store online also, reward scheme and great range of trilogy.

Body Recovery Cream and Beautiful Belly Oil

The Body Recovery Cream is luxurious and thick- great after a bath with a good 10 minutes to soak in. I found this great on legs, feet, bum and arms. This organic cream contains olive oil and Linseed Oil to lock in the moisture well. It contains 2 types of rose oils – Damascus Rose Oil and Rose Geranium Oil, creating a divine scent on the skin, a real treat!

Beautiful Belly Oil was one of my favorites. The smell of essential oils really calmed me down and felt like a big hug after a bath. It contains vitamin E in the form of wheatgerm oil and Calendula Oil, so it helps with scarring, healing and elasticity in the skin. The beautiful smell came from Mandarin, Frankincense and Chamomile Oils.

Not a product I would usually buy, and it contains a number of sulphates as well as some other nasties. It retails around 40EURO which you can get online and in most pharmacies. It is very thick and when I applied it I would have to wait a good hour for it to soak in. If I got dressed within 30 minutes of applying this cream it would turn into white balls of cream and stick to my clothes. It had a parafin type texture, so bizarre. I have never experienced this in a cream before, and for the price I really did not expect this result. So I wanted to add it in here in case you saw it and wanted to invest, maybe think twice on this product.

Burts Bees
Mama Bees Belly Butter
A soft wonderful smelling moisturiser with shea butter and vitamin E. Perfect to elasticate the skin while it stretches during and after pregnancy. This is quite thick so I would recommend giving yourself 10 minutes to allow it to fully absorb before getting dressed. This has no parabens, phthalates or SLS ingredients.
Mama Bee Nourishing Baby Oil
This was my favourite stretch mark product. Pure vitamin E with almond and lemon oil. Once I massaged this in each night it meant that i was putting my feet up and relaxing. I found the smell very soothing. Maybe that is why i loved the baby products too! The oil soaked in very well. No nasties in this product either!
You can get Burt’s Bees online, best deals are usually in local health stores.