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Hey there, my name is Niamh Nina and I am a mother of 2 little boys. I created this blog in 2017, on my journey as a first time mum, looking at a more natural approach to parenting, babies and health.

Finding natural products for my little ones is an inspiring challenge, and I hope to be a source of reference for parents out there trying to find the same in Ireland and abroad.

There is a lot of misleading labelling out there, so I sort the thorns from the roses, to a practical extent. 

My first language is Irish, and I am bringing up my little ones through both Irish & English. I will share anything I have found which aids the learning of Irish on my blog. It is such a special language and I am excited to share it with my baba! Gaeilge an Ghrá.

My background is in Nutrition (Dip.Nut) and Music (B.Mus). So these will have an input on the blog. I play the piano, violin & sing, and have been enjoying teaching my babies the piano and time signatures. Now is the best time to teach them all about rhythm!

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