Toy of the Moment – 6 Month Baby

Toy of the Moment – 6 Month Baby

I was looking for an activity station of sorts for my 6 month old when I came across this unique toy. It is called the Laptoy Activity Centre by Taf Toys. I wanted something he could play with on the floor or in his highchair and this toy does exactly that.

The activity centre has 5 main play functions: 1. A teddy that plays music when you press his nose all while lighting up his eyes; 2. A clear ball thats spins with small balls within that make a rattle noise; 3. A penguine with a twisty cog that also makes noise; 4. A peekaboo cloud that requires the baby to pull down a plastic handle and 5. A matchy circle which hides animals until the baby moves its windows.

The Laptoy then has 1 more activity on each side. The first is a crinkly rainbow with some small silky ribbons for a tactile sensory experience. The second activity on the side is a plastic handle with beads for pulling along.

Each activity focuses on different a sensory or cognative developmental experience. Our favourite was the spin wheel with tiny rattle balls within.

The activity station tends to grow with your baby. At first my baby could not play with the pull down strap peekaboo cloud, but now at almost 8 months, that is what he focuses on.

I usually have the activity station attached to the baby’s highchair, as it is great at occupying him while I prepare his food and bottles.

The Laptoy has a handy handle so that you can attach is to anything once you have an attachment hook clip – you know the hook clips that usually come with softbooks for buggy reading. It also comes with its own clips but I found these only worked for a specific shape of cot bars etc. Having the handle though means you are more likely to bring it with you as it is so portable – ie for car journeys.

One feature I really loved was how light and flexible it was. Even though it has electronics in it, it is design to withstand falls from highchairs, being hit, stood on etc with no damage whatsoever. So it is quite a soft gentle toy for babies, no matter how much play it gets it wont make a crashing noise when it falls.

It requires 2 AAA batteries, and we have never had to replace the batteries, even though the Laptoy is used everyday.

Where to find it:

Kidly are a great toystore, with uniques toys. They stock this here.

Amazon also stock and currently have this on offer here.

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